Donoghue Forlines offers investment strategies through its Global Tactical Fundamental Portfolios and Rules-Based product series.

Donoghue Forlines Global Tactical Fundamental Portfolios

The Donoghue Forlines Fundamental Portfolios offer investors the opportunity to gain exposure to  equities, fixed income and alternatives in one account. This macro, top-down approach strategy targets long-term global macro-economic trends while analyzing shorter-term economic variables in assessing potential price movements in the three main asset classes. All non-cash positions are exchange trade products and mutual funds, giving our investment team immense flexibility in terms of low-cost asset allocation.

Global Allocation

Global diversification across asset classes reduces portfolio risk and volatility by limiting exposure to individual risk factors.

Tactical Management

Portfolios adapt to evolving risks and opportunities, rather than switching quickly between assets.

Fundamental Analysis

Forward-looking risk assessment through fundamental analysis anticipates market events and trends rather than reacting to them.

Downside Protection

All Global Tactical Portfolios have the ability to raise cash to protect against volatile market downturns.

Donoghue Forlines Rules-Based Strategies

The Donoghue Forlines rules-based line of strategies utilizes technical indicators to recognize shifts in market momentum and leverages proprietary tactical signals within custom indexes to preserve capital in down-trending markets.  These investment products seek to offer a stronger client-centric risk-adjusted return stream over a full market cycle.

Donoghue Forlines Blended Portfolios

Donoghue Forlines Blended Portfolios are diversified investment strategies that employ a combination of strategic asset allocation and technical analysis. The blended portfolios converge fundamental global factor investing, strategic Beta, and tactical technical management in one portfolio through employing fundamental and rules-based disciplines.

Additionally, the blends employ defensive signals and global macro approaches. They primarily seek income and growth from investment assets, and are designed to preserve capital during periods of market weakness.

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