Donoghue Forlines Momentum Strategy Named to PSN Top Guns List of Best Performing Strategies for 1Q 2024
Quarterly PSN Top Guns List published by Zephyr identifies best-in-class separate accounts, managed accounts, and managed ETF strategies.

Zephyr PSN's Top Guns Award emblem, Q1 2024Boston, MA—May 20, 2024— Donoghue Forlines announced today it has been named to the celebrated PSN Top Guns List of best performing separate accounts, managed accounts, and managed ETF strategies for 1Q 2024.  The highly anticipated list, published by Zephyr, remains one of the most important references for investors and asset managers.

“PSN Top Guns award winners are honored for exceptional performance. Showcasing these strategies within a dedicated peer universe provides essential insight for advisors, institutions, plan sponsors, family offices and wealth managers interested in incorporating SMAs into their clients’ portfolios. It is because of this that this quarter marks the first time that PSN Top Guns is now openly accessible.”

— Nick Williams, Product Manager of PSN at Zephyr


The DF Momentum is a Rules-Based Separately Managed Account strategy which seeks to achieve a moderately aggressive growth from capital appreciation while using tactical overlays to preserve capital during times of market stress. The strategy invests in Large and Mid-Cap companies exhibiting strong intermediate-term risk adjusted price momentum.

“We believe DF Momentum strategy provides a compelling solution for investors seeking to harness gains from the Momentum Factor while managing volatility and further having defensive triggers in the event of a severe recessive bear market.”

– Jeff Thompson, CEO, Donoghue Forlines LLC


Through a combination of PSN’s proprietary performance screens, PSN Top Guns awards products in six proprietary categories in over 75 universes based on continued performance over time.

Our DF Momentum strategy earned a PSN Top Guns 1 Star Category award, the strategy was a Top 10 Strategy in the Large Cap Universe based on gross returns.

The DF Momentum strategy remained fully invested in equities throughout Q1-2024 and was able to take advantage of the risk-on environment. Momentum stocks had a strong start to the year and finished the quarter as the best performing factor. The technical picture for growth stocks remains in an uptrend, we would likely need to see quick price deterioration to trigger to a more defensive posture.

The complete list of PSN Top Guns and an overview of the methodology can be located at  

PSN Top Guns is based on gross performance. Please see the most recent quarterly fact sheet for the DF Momentum strategy for presentation of net performance.

About Donoghue Forlines LLC

Donoghue Forlines is an SEC registered investment advisor. The firm was founded in 1986 to provide professional investment management services to individuals, corporations, and institutions, including trusts, employee benefit plans and retirement plans. Today, Donoghue Forlines’ investment committee along with its team of professionals is passionately committed to assisting our advisors in helping them meet their client’s investment objectives. The firm’s solutions have evolved over the years but have been driven by a strong conviction that the “buy and hold” approach is not sufficient to help our advisors meet their clients’ objectives of preserving and growing their wealth along with meeting sustainable income needs.


About PSN

For nearly four decades, has been a top resource for investment professionals. Asset managers rely on Zephyr’s PSN to effectively reach institutional and retail investors. Over 2,800 firms, 285 universes, and more than 21,000 products comprise the PSN SMA database showing asset breakdowns, compliance, key personnel, ownership diversity, ESG, business objectives and strategy, style, fees, GIC sectors, fixed income ranges and full holdings. Unique to PSN is its robust historical database of nearly 40 Years of Data Including Net and Gross-of-Fee Returns. PSN Mid-Year Outlook provides insight and trends about the SMA industry. View it online.

In May 2024, Zephyr identified the DF Momentum strategy as a 1 Star PSN Top Guns in the Large Cap Universe for the quarter ended March 30, 2024. Donoghue Forlines has paid a fee to Zephyr or an affiliate for use of the PSN logo. This recognition is based on gross performance for the quarter and there were 736 Firms and 2660 Products included across all PSN Universes.

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